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About Me

I have a sweet husband I probably don't deserve and 4 canine babies (all rescues). I luuuuuuve glamour, fashion, beauty, tulle, sequins!! I live to travel and I've been known to dance anywhere. I think life is best enjoyed with a glass of good red wine, the smell of a warm sleepy puppy is about the best thing ever, and ANYthing is possible.

I believe every woman should have a portrait of themselves looking amazing and I would love to give that to you. It's a great gift for your loved ones, but an even better gift for yourself. I also love the youthful energy and adventurous spirit of high school Seniors, and capturing family memories is an incredible privilege.

My style (in photography and personally) is informal, classic and warm. I will guide you through poses and expressions to ensure you look your best and strive to make the experience fun for you.