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Ashley Serene did a fantastic job taking pictures of our family! Even with our squirmy two-year-old adding chaos to the mix, she was able to capture the beauty in each of us. (Karen C, 9/17/10)

Ashley made taking family photographs such an effortless, enjoyable experience. She allowed us to just be ourselves. My daughters can be very camera shy at times and, yet, she was able to capture both of them, naturally, in a way that allowed so many sides of their adorable little personalities to shine through. Such a great experience! Thank you Ashley! (Jennifer L, 8/31/11)

Ashley has done an amazing job capturing the first year of my daughter's life. From the newborn shoot to her 1 year pictures, I am so impressed with how she managed to take such beautiful shots each time, even when Finley was not cooperating! Ashley has a fabulous eye and is not afraid to use a creative idea to create a truly unique picture. I am so pleased with the work she has done and cannot wait to see her photography and my sweet girl grow in the future! Thank you for the special memories! (Kelley B, 9/15/2011)

Ashley was a pleasure to work with and her pictures are amazing! She was able to capture pictures of our 1 YO and that is no easy task!!! (Jen H, 11/15/11)

Ashley Serene truly is 'serene', she's a wonderful photographer and has a wonderful presence. She knows how to compose and capture a great image that you will cherish forever! She was able to photograph my family and capture the essence of what family is through a simple, yet powerful image. And I believe she will be able to do that with everyone and everything she photographs! (Adriane Garcia, 2/28/12)